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Kathy commonly advises dog owner clients on:

  • Code violations, including minimum care standards, noise complaints, and nuisance issues

  • Dog purchases and sales

  • Training and boarding

  • Liability releases and waivers

  • Insurance coverage

  • Veterinary malpractice, negligence, and authorization for treatment


  • Claim and delivery or replevin actions to regain possession of an owner's dog and property.


Preventive Legal Care



We've all devoted ourselves, both emotionally and financially, to our canine friends. They become a family member and contribute valued companionship and, for some, security. But, we know dogs can be unpredictable and can be injured, or injure others, at any time.


When Should You Hire An Attorney:

An experienced, dog-knowledgeable attorney can be especially beneficial, providing practical advice on a wide variety of legal issues and disputes. Kathy's knowledge of animal law is vital to effective communication and execution of a contract or litigation.


If you are considering purchasing or selling a dog, call Kathy.   A simple review of your contract can preserve valuable relationships and ensure appropriate expectations. Kathy can advise you on any contract related to buying, selling, and training dogs. Her knowledge can help resolve a dispute before it escalates into a lawsuit. If you have concerns regarding your dog's veterinary care, you have rights. Kathy can help you understand what they are.


Contact Kathy before signing on the dotted line. You'll be surprised how affordable her legal advise can be as compared to the risk you take without it.

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